Divine Feminine
"Meeting Narcissus Series"
The Dasha Prints: C-Print on Metallic Paper 24”x36”

The epithet of Daria Deshuk's photography production is appropriately derived from the Russian pet name for Daria, "Dasha." Mounted in Plexiglass, these photographic prints exude a modern element combining the timelessness of Daria's subjects while being presented in a contemporary format. With the painterly eye of the artist, the playful nature of each work is enhanced digitally, adding a visionary texture.

“Meeting Narcissus” Each image takes on characteristics that go against the grain in standard photography. By breaking boundaries through color and form, my redefining and redeveloping, the story and mythological subject in a modern format telling the story of narcissus and the evolution of healthy Self LOVE . The spiritual nature of what it means to be human is in every essence timeless. (See Full artist statement)

24x36 c pr /metallic p. plexiglass #6X24 C-print on Metallic paper