Divine Feminine “Meeting Narcissus” Series Framed

“The myth of Narcissus has been a rich vein for artists to mine for at least two thousand years, beginning with the Roman poet Ovid (book III of Metamorphoses.”
In my own work, I too, have revealed the influence of the romantic Narcissus through my new series: Meeting Narcissus. The setting took place in East Hampton at a local park, where I unintentionally unfolded the mythological story of a young girl discovering her own Narcissus. The model, a young girl of seventeen, was wearing a dress that I had designed to be a romantic decoration for a benefit. The model walked around the park as directed, adoring herself in nature, while I followed with my camera. Unscripted she met herself in the reflection of a pond and the story became more than a simple "tale."
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C-print on metallic paper Matted and Framed